How to join the waiting list

If you want to join the Tardebigge Anglers syndicate then you will need to join the waiting list first. We started a waiting list due to unprecedented demand for membership. 

We ask for you to fill out a simple online form and to pay a deposit which will be deducted from your first membership payment. Please note if we do not receive a deposit with your application we will disregard your application. 

We will contact you nearer to the start of the new season and offer you a place, if and when we have a space become available. If for some reason you can't accept your membership offer then we will roll your position over to the next year. We will only do this once. 

Why do we ask for a deposit?

We ask every potential new member for a deposit to ensure only people who really want to join the syndicate are on the waiting list. Your deposit will automatically be deducted from your first years membership. If we offer you a place on the syndicate and you refuse* the offer, unfortunately due to the high demand for a place on the syndicate, you will forfeit your place on the waiting list and will have to reapply. Your deposit is not refundable. If you refuse an offer, we will not refund your deposit.

Places on our syndicate only become available if a member decides not to renew or are removed. We do not add places to expand the syndicate numbers.

*unless prior arrangements have been made. 

Waiting List

Price List

*Prices are subject to change each year