Russ vs Wuzy Charity Event

In 2018 Russ Guise and Mark Wozencroft started the Russ vs Wuzy event. Initially it was started through banter during a social on the bank. A quip about who was the best angler snowballed into a yearly, fun, event that helped raise money for charities in particular ones that are close to home. Two Carp Anglers joined Russ and Wuzy on the bank as part of a prize from a raffle to raise money. This year's lucky anglers were Simon Ursell and Matt Rhee who both say it was one of the most fun experiences on the bank they had had. 

The inaugural event raised over £1000 for Alzheimer's Research UK a charity close to Russ' heart. The charity event was always about putting the fun back into carp fishing. Carp fishing is often taken too seriously and as Russ is famously known for saying in his viral Facebook post, "It's just F@@king Fishing"! Russ actually won the first event against Wuzy and has a year to poke fun at his good friend! 

Tardebigge Anglers has now teamed up with the Russ vs Wuzy charity and any raffles or fundraising goes towards the yearly total raised. 

2019 is going to be massive!

Carping legends Ian Russell and Frank Warwick have now signed up for the event and will be aiming to win the title. Raffle tickets will go on sale in 2019. 

To watch this year's footage head over to their You Tube channel

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