COVID-19 Rules

During this pandemic we have had to implent certain rules for the safety of the anglers.

Fishing is limited to 48 hours with no return within 48 hours

All anglers must remain in their own swim which are 15 metres away from each other.

All anglers must bring hand sanitizer or gloves with them. A small supply is being kept with the bailiff team if you forget them.

Maintain a two metre distance from each other and the bailiffs

Each member is required to have their fishing permits and membership cards to hand to show anyone who requests to see them.

No sharing of any fishing tackle or photography equipment. 

All photos must be taken by the angler fishing and not taken by anyone else. 

No socials.

No sharing swims.

No guests unless they are your children who live with you. They must remain in your swim.

The boats are currently out of use and to be used by the bailiff team only. You are welcome to bring your own boat. 

Anyone caught breaking the rules will have their card clipped.